We have a wealth of information that we want to share with you! This section of our site will connect you to other helpful websites providing information on topics ranging from career planning to community resources. Here, you will also find resources such as workbooks, résumé samples, booklets and various other tools that can help you get your job search started on the right track. Get started by clicking on the links below.
Helpful Links
Community Resources
Career Planning

Career planning can be frustrating and sometimes a little bit scary. We can help you find the career that is right for you and set you on the path to success. Visit us at any of our locations to speak with our staff and to take advantage of our many resources that will make the transition into your new career an easy one!

Below is a list of helpful websites to assist you with your career planning.

Helpful Websites for Career Planning

Labour Market Information

Labour market information includes information on occupations and careers, industrial information, economic or labour force information, and information about trends that affect the world of work. Examples of labour market information include:

  • The number of people employed and unemployed.
  • Lists of employers in an industry, and their importance to a community.
  • The economic well being and outlook for communities. This includes unemployment rates, the supply and demand for skilled workers, the age, gender, and educational level of people in the community.
  • Descriptions of occupations.
  • Descriptions of industries.

Labour market information helps us make better decisions about our jobs or work lives. It also identifies changes or trends that affect the world of work. Labour market information assists people who are looking for a career, thinking about changing jobs, or retraining. When you know about the jobs that are available, you can determine which ones interest you and which are feasible. There are many sources of labour market information online, in addition to newspapers, business directories, and the phone book. You can also research individual companies by reading their literature and their websites.

Occupation Research
Starting A Small Business

Are you thinking about starting your own business?  Here are a few links that could assist you with the process.

Education (links to colleges/universities)

Are you thinking about returning to school? Our knowledgeable staff can help you explore programs and schools, assist you with the application process, and provide you with information about opportunities for financial aid. Make an appointment today to speak with a consultant!


What if I’m not sure what kind of job I want?

There are resources available for you to determine educational and employment goals, as well as counseling services to assist you in making a career decision and developing an appropriate action plan. As much assistance as you require can be provided through one-on-one counseling, workshops, resource materials, or referrals to other appropriate agencies.

Do I have to find my own job, or will I get help in finding a job?

We provide information on job search techniques such as resume writing, interview skills, accessing the job market and approaching employers through workshops and individual counselling. If self-marketing is not working for you, we can assist in matching you to employers that are participating in the program.

If I have an interview, how can you help?

We will provide tips on how to prepare for an interview and even offer a mock interview so that you are better prepared to face the challenge.

If I get a job through the program, how much will I get paid?

Wages will vary according to the position and the employer with whom you are working. You will receive at least the minimum wage required by law.

How many hours per week do I work?

Hours will be determined by the employer and discussed with you prior to starting the job.