Apprenticeship training is a form of postsecondary education that combines on-the-job and in-school training. At the completion of an apprenticeship, an individual can take an examination. Once they pass the examination and satisfy the criteria set out by their province/territory, apprentices earn a Certificate of Qualification/Journeyperson Certificate from their province or territory in Canada.
Employers Potential Apprentices
If you are an employer, Employment Options Emploi can help you!
  • We offer a preliminary screening of potential candidates.
  • We provide a selection of motivated candidates who meet your skill requirements.
  • We assist with apprenticeship registration.
  • We offer bilingual candidates.
  • We assist financially by providing on-the-job training incentive of up to $4,000 per apprentice Eligible to receive a $2,000 signing bonus to hire a suitable candidate who has not completed their secondary school diploma
Looking to start an apprenticeship? We are here to help!
  • We offer a free service to help you plan your career and make wise training decisions.
  • We help you write your résumé, presentation letter and guide you in your preparations for an interview.
  • We help you find an employer who can offer you apprenticeship possibilities and training opportunities in a work environment.
  • We financially help you get access to tools and materials that you need.
  • We provide important connections with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
Here are a few advantages of working in skilled trades:

Good Pay

  • People in skilled trades are rewarded for their efforts with good pay. In fact, as an apprentice, you can start making money right away because you ‘earn while you learn’. The best part, though, is that as a tradesperson you get paid well doing work you enjoy.


  • Skilled trades play an important role in our economy and our society. Think about it, the sector touches almost every aspect of our lives from the homes we live in, to the cars we drive, to the food we eat. Canada depends on the work of skilled trades and needs skilled tradespeople.

Career Opportunities

  • With over 200 careers to choose from, the skilled trades sector truly does offer something for everyone. As an apprentice, you receive post-secondary education through on-the-job training and in-school learning. This provides you with the skills to work almost anywhere in Canada.
  • Skilled tradespeople are in demand all across the country. As the babyboom generation retires, this demand is only going to increase.


Grants and Scholarships:

The Government of Ontario is supporting training and employment for youth who have left school and require upgrading to meet the minimum academic requirements for entry to an apprenticeship training program. The initiative encourages young people to continue learning and to enter apprenticeship and the trades, thereby reducing the average age of apprentices.It includes:

  • A $1,000 scholarship for a young person who returns to and completes upgrading to qualify and registers as an apprentice; scholarship is awarded when the candidate has successfully completed upgrading, is employed & registered as an apprentice.
  • A $2,000 per apprentice signing bonus for the employer who supports the candidate’s apprenticeship registration and provides apprenticeship training; signing bonuses are awarded to the employer when the candidate is registered as an apprentice (50%) and six months later (50%) if the apprentice is still working and training with the same employer.
To qualify for an apprenticeship scholarship:

The participant must:

  • Be under 25 years of age.
  • Have left school before completing the necessary academic requirement for registering in a trade.
  • Be committed to achieving the necessary academic requirements within 1 year.
  • Demonstrate an interest in the skilled trades.

The Employer must:

  • Be licensed to operate in Ontario.
  • Provide employment in Ontario.
  • Must hire, train, and register a scholarship candidate as an apprentice.
  • Be approved by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to provide apprenticeship training.

Becoming an Apprentice Made Easy pamphlet