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  • Remote
  • March 29, 2024

HGS Canada

· Fully fluent in both French/English at an advanced level

· At least 18 years of age or older

· Strong computer knowledge and skills

· Ability to calmly provide conflict resolution and navigate frustrated customer situations

· Ability to work in a highly structured environment taking high-volume inbound calls

· Ability to work full-time hours, across a variety of shifts, which are influenced by current business needs (including evenings,      weekends, and holidays) while maintaining reliable attendance

· Ability to work in an environment where you must sit, reach, communicate (verbally and electronically), listen with auditory                  acuity, type, read, multi-task, and concentrate for prolonged periods. 

· Ability to work independently in a virtual environment where you work remotely with coworkers and supervisors from the comfort of your home.

· Ability to provide 2 pieces of identification, one with photo, to complete a security clearance process

· Home Office Requirements:
HGS provides you with a computer, dual monitors, and a headset for this position. We also provide a webcam that is required to be used for training and team meetings.

· You must have a secure, quiet, distraction-free work environment without any conflicting responsibilities during your scheduled work shift. (Conflicting responsibilities may include caring for a family member/pet)

· Your home office must have a DSL, Fiber, or Cable modem that can be hardwired, via an Ethernet cable, into the computer we send you. (Wifi connections are not compatible with our devices – Dial-up, Wireless, Mobile Hotspot, or Satellite internet service cannot be used)

· Internet Bandwidth Requirements: Minimum download speed 10 Mbps / Minimum upload speed 5 Mbps


Apply for this position: Directly on the HGS website at www.joinhgs.com






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