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Waste Transfer Station Operator

The Waste Transfer Station Operator works under the supervision of the Solid Waste
Operations Supervisor to run the day-to-day operations of the Municipality’s waste transfer
stations. The Municipality operates two waste transfer stations and offers weekly curbside
pick-up via an external contractor. The Waste Transfer Station Operator will provide service
to the public at the transfer stations, and make sure that the sites are operated in accordance
with the Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), and all other regulatory requirements,
ensuring that safety protocols are adhered to, and a high level of service is provided to

1. Responsible to implement the day-to-day operational activities at the Municipality’s Waste Transfer Stations under the direction of the Supervisor, Solid Waste.
2. Responsible to assist residents and ratepayers in their use of the Waste Transfer Stations.
3. Responsible to open and close the transfer station sites in accordance with work schedule.
4. Responsible to enforce operating rules at the site to ensure the municipality maintains compliance with all relevant regulations, environmental approvals and that residents are complying with municipal by-laws.
5. Responsible to ensure that persons using the waste disposal site reside within the township and to ensure that all waste has originated within this township. This will include checking Site Identification Cards for those attempting to access the site, to inspect incoming loads, to turn away non-compliant users, to collect tipping fees from the public, to write receipts and to provide information to the public regarding site operations. Operators must have the ability to handle money, make accurate change and produce balanced accounting for tipping fees at the end of each shift.
6. Responsible to perform daily site inspections, incident reports, and collect information in daily logbooks.
7. Directs the segregation of items and ensures items are placed in designated areas, promoting recycling activities, waste diversion and refuses prohibited and hazardous waste.
8. Ensures that the site is free of hazards (e.g. loose debris, tripping hazards, fire, etc.) and maintained in an orderly and visually acceptable condition, by:
• inspecting the site prior to opening to the public.
• ensuring that all waste materials are properly sorted and deposited.

• ensuring that all waste materials improperly deposited or scattered on the site are collected and deposited in the correct locations and other house keeping duties as required.
• ensuring that recycling bins are free of garbage and non-recycle items.
9. Responsible to communicate with the Supervisor, Solid Waste, or the Main Office when incidents occur, or to request inventory/supplies as needed. Reporting and log-books must be submitted to the main office on a weekly basis for archiving.
10.Responsible to operate equipment, as needed, under the direction of the Supervisor.
11.Responsible for general tidying, cleaning and collection of debris around the sites.
12.Responsible to conduct activities in a safe manner, wearing all appropriate PPE (Safety boots, reflective outerwear, etc.) and following all relevant policies/legislation.

This position is expected to work the hours of operation for the Big Lake Transfer Station at The Big Lake Transfer Station located at 81 Big Lake Dump Road at 3248 Highway 542, as well as the hours of operation for the Providence Bay Transfer Station Site located at 4077 Government Road, Providence Bay.

Big Lake Transfer Station Hours of Operation:
Fall, Winter Spring: Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. (September long weekend to May long weekend).
Summer Season: Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (May long weekend to September long weekend).

Providence Bay Transfer Station Hours of Operation:
Fall, Winter Spring: Thursday and Saturday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(September long weekend to May long weekend).
Summer Season: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (May long weekend to September long weekend)
• Weekend work is required. Hours will fluctuate seasonally, and additional hours of work
may be required at the discretion of the Supervisor, CAO/Clerk or designate.
• Exposure to physical hazards, all types of weather conditions, heat and cold.
• Exposure to site hazards, waste materials, odours, pests.
• Use of equipment may be required.
• Working with the public is required, during which the Operator may be exposed to abusive language or threatening behaviour and will be required to follow the safety procedures in place.

• With Municipal Staff – Works under the supervision of the Solid Waste Operations Supervisor. Works closely with other Waste Transfer Station Operators as well as with the Roads Superintendent and Roads Staff.
• With The Public – Enforce municipal policies related to waste sites; explain Municipal policies and programs; provide information and guidance; maintain a firm but diplomatic demeanor with the public.

• With External Contractors – May occasionally be responsible for meeting external contractors on site, to open and close the site, arrange pick-ups/deliveries, etc.

1. A minimum of two (2) years experience related to the job description is an asset.
2. Working knowledge of applicable Provincial, Federal, and Municipal laws, and regulatory requirements as they relate to landfill and waste transfer sites is an asset.
3. Good interpersonal skills to deal politely and effectively with the general public. Ability to communicate effectively with customers and handle stressful situations in a constantly changing environmental calmly and effectively.
4. Ability to meet physical demands of the position and have an excellent safety record.
5. Knowledge of WHMIS regulations and safe work procedures
6. Ability to compile data, keep accurate logbooks and perform visual site inspections.
7. Cash handling experience and basic office equipment experience and abilities.
8. Must possess a valid Ontario Driver’s License, Class “G” or higher.
9. Current and clear Criminal Record Check must be provided prior to employment

• Failure to follow safety procedures may result in serious injury.
• Failure to comply with rules, regulations or accepting prohibited materials may result in fines, Orders from the Ministry of Environment, Conservation, and Parks, and higher cost of waste disposal for the municipality.
• Errors in judgement when working with the public will result in complaints and may damage the public’s perception of the municipality.

$19.30 to $25.65 per hour.
4% vacation pay is included in the above noted hourly wage.
Permanent, part-time, position with expected weekly hours ranging from 18 to 25 per week.
Hours vary seasonally.
This position is paid bi-weekly based on the hours worked.
OMERS is offered but not mandatory.
Travel expenses between transfer stations to be paid on a monthly basis.

Please drop off resume in person to:

6020 Highway 542, P.O. Box 420
Mndemoya, ON | P0P 1S0

To apply for this job please visit read-description.