analyst, marketing

    Job Description

    Analyze the web positioning of the company in the national and international market and propose alternatives for substantial improvement.


    Job Requirements

    Client service

    – Client Service refers to the ability to communicate efficiently andprofessionally with clients. At work, client service skills are required to interact

    with clients on behalf of the employer.


    – Teamwork refers to the skills needed to interact with other people.At work, people work with others in pairs and in small and large groups tocoordinate tasks, share resources, plan, make decisions, negotiate, solveconflicts and complete other activities that involve teamwork.


    – Communication refers to the skills needed to exchangethoughts and information with other people. This exchange can happen orally byspeaking, listening and using non-verbal cues, such as body language or inwriting. At work, people use communication skills to talk to customers, discussproducts with suppliers, explain work procedures to co-workers, participate invirtual sales meetings with clients, and other activities that involve verbal orwritten exchanges.

    Digital skills

    – Digital technology refers to the skills needed to understand anduse digital systems, tools and applications, and to process digital information. Atwork, people use digital technology skills to input, access, analyze, organize, create and communicate information and ideas using computers, software, point-of-sale equipment, email, podcasts, web applications, smart phones andother digital devices.

    Speak Spanish

    Skills & Experience

    Speak Spanish and English


    EmployerCare of College Boreal
    Deadline08/31/2022 ( Expired )
    Job Type Full-time

    Contact Information
    Address615 Ouellette, Avenue